Testimonial from Jerry Hinke

Testimonial from Jerry Hinke

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jerry-hinkeHi Joe,

Well, we got one! The sweet sassy hen call did the trick. After a long, bone chilling Wisconsin winter, spring final arrived and it was our turn to take to the woods. Joel had just finished his 1st successful year, in the classroom and on the football field at Winona State University. It was his time for a little R&R and to enjoy some turkey hunting with Pops. Easier said than done! We had 2 tags and 1-1/2 days to get it done. Our Saturday hunt, 4 am – 7 pm consisted of 6 set-ups, three lonely hens and zero gobbles all day. We had exhausted most all of our spots to hunt, except one:  160 acres of woods with 2 long muddy 80 acre farm lanes to get there with an 80% chance of rain later that night. Th

ere seemed to be no other choice, so Joel coined the cliché “ No Guts – No Glory” Let’s go for it! Reluctantly, I gave him a high five and agreed, thinking the whole time, Mom’s going to have my “You know what” when I get stuck in the mud 1/2 mile off the main road. Well, Sunday morning rolled around and it quickly became judgment day. First thing I said to myself, “Don’t get stuck in the mud”. Second, if you make it in, don’t get stuck in the mud on the way out! A slick ride in, but we made it. Everything went perfect on our first set up, except the birds were roosted what seemed to be in the next county east of us. As the early morning hours turned daylight, we quickly realized there would be no chance unless we moved on them. After two more failed set ups, we decided to go old school. We left the blind and decoy behind and army crawled to the east fence line. Final we had the birds in sight. Three nice Toms scattered and were now strutting in an 80 acre unplowed farm field. Next thing you know, gone like ghosts in the night. A few faint gobbles as they seemed to be making their daily strutting rounds. As luck would have it, we moved up the fence line about 100 yards. While trying to decide our next move, two birds appeared from the tall grass about 35 yards out. Joel dropped to his knees and made his way to a tree on the fence line. I stood frozen and watch them forage and dust their feathers – hens. That’s when I broke out the sweet sassy hen call and laid down some nice clucks, purrs and soft yelps. Then I decided to reach out to the Toms with some excited cuts and yelps ending with a mixed pattern of 1, 2 and 3 clucks. 20 minutes later a Tom came in strutting, too far out and no shot. Ten minutes went by and he left us again. I repeated my calls then went silent. 15 minutes later he came back, but this time the hens had moved on and it was one – on – one now. Couple soft clucks, a few purrs and scratching of leaves sealed the deal for Joel. Thanks for providing an outstanding product at a reasonable price. Enjoyed trying all the great tips you provided on your Yo
uTube video. Take care, Joe.

Jerry Hinke

Environmental Management and Testing Services,LLC
P.O. Box 3861
Oshkosh, WI 54903
Phone 920-376-1372


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