Lost Lake Custom Turkey Calls

Here at Lost Lake Custom Turkey Calls, our goal is to produce the most realistic turkey calls on the market. Joe Mole, a U.S. Open Turkey Calling Champion, has over twenty years of turkey call making and hunting experience. Joe makes every call himself – which is why they’re consistent and easy to use.

Realism, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of a good turkey call can have a dramatic impact on your next hunt – as an avid hunter himself, Joe gets it! And every time he heads out on a hunt, he’s equipped with these very same calls – so you know they’re constantly being tested for the same things you’re looking for!

Whether it’s a particular model you want or if you’d like to customize your own, Lost Lake Custom Turkey Calls has you covered. Learn more about Joe’s story and how he designs each of these custom calls, then check out the store and make sure your next hunt goes as well as it can!


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